Verified Membership® Application Form

Now you're ready to apply for a  BOIT verified membership® which gives you express access to all cars listed on BOIT, specially the rare P2P offerings only given to verified members by Host. BOIT membership is valid for 1 year and will be renewed each year. BOIT Reserves rights of admission and access to the verified membership program. All members are requested to check factors to confirm qualifications before submitting the form below. Picture uploaded must have 3 things visible clearly. (i) The Owner (ii) The Car mentioned in the form (iii) The registration number of the car. You can upload multiple images. This form is used only to check for eligibility and accepted members will be requested to complete the remaining formalities to be a confirmed member of BOIT.

Max File Size 15MB

Note: Please upload picture with car, number plate and owner of car. All 3 aspects must be visible for successful submission.